Build your business with content that sets you apart

Establish authority, grow your audience, and increase leads with high-quality writing that informs and engages.

The challenge of content marketing

The right content can grow your brand’s authority and reach, increasing leads and sales. That's why 97% of companies say content marketing is an important part of their overall marketing strategy.
The challenge is consistently creating quality resources your target audience will actually want to read.
I can help you regularly publish professional content that builds your business by providing value to your visitors and adding credibility to your brand.
You get to focus on what you do best, knowing you can depend on a steady stream of content you can be proud of.

About Me

I’m a trained philosopher, experienced teacher, and have served as a pastor. My professional life has been about exploring ideas, understanding people, and figuring out how to bring the two together.

What does this mean for you? You get:

  • A commitment to thoroughly understand you and your audience
  • Crystal clear communication that informs, entertains, and inspires
  • Patient attention to the details others miss

I’m excited to get acquainted and to craft the language that will help you connect with your audience.

Let’s start the conversation.

John Milliken