Want to get a feel for my writing? Here are some samples of my work.


Providing valuable insights for an audience of professionals

Volt is an online magazine for those who work in marketing and communications in higher education. The editor wanted engaging writing that would provide value for busy marketing practitioners.

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Generating traffic with informative top-of-the-funnel content

CompTIA Tech Career Academy offers a training program to help those new to the tech industry land their first entry-level job in IT. This piece is designed to get the company on the radar of one of its target demographics.

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Crafting in-depth content for decision makers

The buyer's journey in a B2B context is often long, with multiple touchpoints. A whitepaper can be an effective way to provide value and build trust by explaining a problem and positioning your product as a compelling solution.

This whitepaper on ESG and predictive maintenance was written for the marketing agency Typeset for their client Razor Labs.

Read the whole thing here.


Connecting a trending topic with a company’s target audience

Bizop is a marketing agency that serves architecture and design-related companies. There has been a lot in the news lately about the metaverse. The goal of this post was to talk about that topic in a way that would interest potential clients, helping to increase organic traffic.

Within a few weeks of publication, this post was ranked #1 on Google for the target keyword.

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Helping a client describe her core offering with clarity

Gala Magriñá is an interior designer in New York City whose specialty is holistic design. She needed a way to explain what this means and the benefits it provides for clients. After interviewing her, I rewrote this page to capture her vision and clearly articulate it for her audience.

Since revision, this page has steadily climbed, reaching the top 5 when I last checked.

See the page here.

Surfer SEO Logo

Surfer SEO is a sophisticated tool used to help content creators optimize their writing using AI and competitor research. While many reviews include generalities you might glean from the tool's website, I provide an in-depth look at what it is actually like to use.

The target keyword is very competitive. As of this writing, however, this post is ranking at number 5, ahead of several posts on the same subject from sites with much higher authority - including Backlinko.

Find the review here.


Translating industrial tech into engaging prose

This post tells the story of the development of an industrial process central to the client’s work in a way that is clear, informative, and readable.

Within a few weeks of publication, this post was ranked #1 on Google for the target keyword.

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